Horror, Heavy Metal DVD CD LP ALBUM cover art & design. | Custom Horror, Heavy Metal & Halloween CD DVD & Vinyl LP art designed to your specifications. | Professional Horror, Heavy Metal, Halloween Album CD DVD cover art..


People DO judge a CD/ DVD by it’s cover. Give your music or film masterpiece the cutting edge it deserves with the real deal from Monsterman Graphic.
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creative ideas on complete album packaging, layout & design. From front to back, booklets to foldouts, we’ve got you covered.
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tiny_spacer4Full Custom DVD, CD, VINYL cover Artwork & Package Design from Monsterman Graphic.


Your CD or DVD package should look as good as the work you put into it. Pros know it and find the best means to express their value in the packaging. When you pick up an “unknown” CD or DVD because the cover looks really cool, then you know the power of a professional package. Music & film distribution companies now demand dynamic, high quality “key artwork” before they’ll even consider carrying your product. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, make the investment in yourself with the quality and experience from the Monsterman Graphic studio.


Save time and money with a COMPLETE DESIGN PACKAGE.
We understand your core production, be it music or film, is your priority. Get everything handled at once with a consistent look and feel through & through! Custom artwork is scheduled on a first come first served basis, so act now to insure yourself an image that will pay dividends for years to come.

To schedule or discuss your project e-mail or call us at (773) 857 – 2172

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